The Original Crafted Memory Charger Hidden Camera

Note: Please be cautious of imitation CM600IX & CM600IV charger hidden cameras, Crafted Memory is the sole provider of the original product and imitations are known to lack in quality and capabilities. 

 The Crafted Memory Hidden Charger Cameras have rocked the home security market and helped hundreds of thousands of Americans feel safe once again with our USB hidden cameras. 

The original security hidden camera was designed as a baby monitor for parents to keep a keen eye on their children's safety, but now the charger camera has found a wide variety of use in the consumer market. 

People all across The United States have used our hidden cameras to protect their family, protect their grandparents, protect their belongings, and protect their relationships. Our single hidden charger camera has grown into a community of united people who take security as a priority. 

The discreet and undetectable nature of the hidden camera has opened doors into a whole new side of security. The secret aspect to security protects the hidden camera itself, making it impossible for violators to avoid security devices, hidden camera security is uncompromisable.

 Note: All customers who purchase any hidden camera technology agrees to our terms & conditions of purchase, including agreeing that products will not be used of any illegal activities. For more information about our policies and agreements please refer to our footer menu. 


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HD Mini Wireless Camera
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What is WIFI Compatible?

Wifi compatibility provides a series of features including, live streaming from your smart phone, recording settings, resolution settings, and much more!

What is Motion Detection?

Motion detection is an advanced feature that allows security cameras to send you a notification when they detect suspicious movement in your home, night or day!